Google Maps as Art

The colors, textures, and shapes of satellite views of the Earth can amazingly beautiful, and sometimes quite strange. Can you guess where any of these are from? (And yes, one of them is very easy!) Just click on the image to find it on Google Maps. Find your own pieces of satellite art and post them on your own blog, or leave a link to the location on Google maps in the comments!

26 Responses to “Google Maps as Art”

  1. Matthom Says:

    Don’t know if this is “art” - but I liked the “criss-crossing” lines. I may have better ones coming…

  2. Matthom Says:

    This is slightly off-topic, but I caught this airplane flying overhead:

    I thought that was cool.

  3. Steve Eady Says:

    Which one of them is supposed to be easy?


  4. mike_b1 Says:

    The fourth from the bottom is probably Champaign. The criss-cross lines would be Willard.

    Just a guess.

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Sorry Steve, I should have said it was easy if you know where I grew up. :) Mike got it - the fourth one is southwest of Champaign, IL, and the crossed lines are Willard Airport.

    Matt, you must have been looking really closely to spot that plane! I’m sure I would have missed it if I didn’t know it was there.

  6. mike_b1 Says:

    Cool. Didn’t you say something about the winner getting a new IPod?

  7. Jennifer Says:

    Hmm, nice try. :)

  8. theone3 Says:

    You’re about to get the effect.

    I hope your’re ready for it :D

  9. Jennifer Says:

    Hey thanks for the digg! Hopefully my server won’t die! Yikes!

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  12. Joshua Miller Says:

    Yeah, I recognized Champaign right when I saw it, too.

  13. ah802 Says:

    I don’t think nature is the artist, but the eye that does the framing and picking is… it’s in the eye of the beholder.

    nice stuff here too.

  14. Jennifer Says:

    If nature’s not the artist, she’s at the very least a very powerful muse. :)

    I like that Liquid Sculpture site… I got to play with similar photographic techniques when I took Strobe Lab, at MIT’s Edgerton Center. Maybe I’ll post a scan of one of my balloon-popping photos from that class, though it would be nothing to compare with the images on the Liquid Sculpture site, which are amazing.

  15. Walt Says:

    I posted an amazingly strange find of my own on my blog a couple days ago…

  16. Tuusiik Says:

    The Yukon Kuskokwim map wasn’t too hard, if one is from the neighborhood (remember if you are from here the nearest neighborhood Wal-Mart is 400 miles away) ;)

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  18. Ole Says:

    This is cool: 22.5611783653 53.9836882652
    Enter it in fly to in google earth

  19. quas Says:

    Wow, beautiful images! I did something similar back in April:

  20. Jennifer Says:

    Wow Tuusiik, you actually live way out there? I’m impressed!

    Ole - those are some pretty cool dune shapes! (Here’s a direct URL for anyone interested.)

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  22. mike_b1 Says:


  23. Eduardo Manchón Says:

    If you like Google Maps, you may like our new project where you can post your photos over Google Maps.

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  26. Evert Schut Says:

    Jennifer, I like these images. If you visit my weblog you’ll see I’ve used similar images from google earth as a starting point to my own art. For me the story behind the image is as important as the image itself. I’ve been wondering how to call my art: google earth art? satelite art? Satelite painting? They all seem to fall short.